Leave A Gift In Your Will

A gift from you will help create a better future for the Coffs Coast region. It can be your legacy and gift to future generations.

After providing for your loved ones, we are grateful to thoughtful supporters like you who decide to leave a gift in their Will to Prosper Coffs Harbour Charitable Trusts. This is one of the most meaningful ways of investing in the wellbeing of future generations and leaving a lasting impact on your local community.

By considering Prosper Coffs Harbour’s Charitable Trusts, you will be supporting a local charity that not only plays a vital role in the protection and enhancement of our natural environment, but also works to ensure our unique cultural identity is preserved on the Coffs Coast and that our creative industries are supported.

Our promise to you is that we will use your gift wisely and ensure your wishes are honoured.

What type of gift can I leave in my Will?

It is important that you choose the type of gift that is right for you and your personal circumstances. We recommend discussing your wishes with your loved ones so that they are aware of your decision and seeking independent advice when preparing or updating your Will. There are four ways you can leave a gift in your will, these include;

Specific sum of money– also known as a pecuniary bequest, you can make a specific bequest by simply stating the dollar amount in your Will you would like to leave to Prosper Coffs Harbour Charitable Trusts.

Percentage of your estate– you can gift your entire estate or any percentage of it. Even a small portion of your estate will make a huge difference.

Specific item– you may gift an item such as real estate, shares, a piece of art or jewellery.

Residual gift– this is a simple way to leave the remainder of your estate to Prosper Coffs Harbour Charitable Trusts after all other specific gifts to loved ones have been made.

For more information or to have a confidential discussion please contact our Fundraising Manager Melissa Nunn on 0437 67 451 or email admin@prospercoffs.org.au.

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