A win for Woopi – Woolgoolga Lake Project Complete

We are excited to announce that our project for the Woolgoolga Lakeside Reserve in collaboration with Coffs Harbour City Council and the Woolgoolga Lake Working Group has been completed.

The Woolgoolga Lake is a family friendly picnic area, shielded by the sun by shady eucalyptus and paperbarks. It is a place where local residents and visitors to the area can enjoy swimming, canoeing, kayaking or the abundant resident birdlife.

Sadly, the Woolgoolga Lake Reserve has suffered degradation of the lake embankment for many years, causing erosion and loss of mature trees. Thanks to this important project through Prosper Coffs, the lake embankment has been stabilised with a secure rock wall and native revegetation. This improvement to the reserve will not only provide an opportunity for more habitat but also protect the foreshore for recreational use.

Thank you to everyone in the community who contributed to this important project.


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