Community rally around Clean Up Australia Day 2022

On Sunday 20 March Prosper Coffs Harbour and Coffs City Rotary volunteers rallied together in support of Clean Up Australia Day at Sawtell Beach.

The event was a huge success, with the main source of pollution being cigarette-buts, bottles, bottle caps and plastic wrapping in the sand dunes. Prosper Coffs Harbour Fundraising Manager, Melissa Nunn says getting involved in Clean Up Australia Day and other plastic reducing initiatives is more important than ever.

“Our environment is currently experiencing the impact of the covid pandemic. We are seeing a huge surge in single- use plastics such as face masks, takeaway coffee cups and food packaging littering our footpaths”, said Ms Nunn. “We implore the wider community to join us next year in Clean Up Australia Day 2023 or register a site online to help tackle the country’s waste crisis. For every little bit we do we are showing that we care and taking an active role in protecting our environment”, said Ms Nunn.

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